Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog the First

So here we are, deep in the nether regions of the Internets, the habitat of that curious creature; the Blog. In an effort to actually get some practice writing, generously leavened with a sense of "ah sure, why not", I've decided to set forth and explore this mysterious realm, and in turn become a part of it.
Everyone's a critic, so the saying goes, and really, everyone does like to think their opinion is important. I'm man enough to admit I'm not really any different from the rest of my web-surfing, blog-happy generation, so, on an irregular, nigh-on sporadic basis, I'll offer up my own opinions to the Gods of the Omniweb (and everyone else too). All responses welcome, even the harsh ones.
Everyone likes to offer their two cents in any given conversation. I am by no means an exception to this rule, but I do love to talk (at length), so it might come to a bit more than two cents. A veritable fistful of coins, if you will. My intellectual Spare Change.

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