Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Google = Skynet (?)

So I'm becoming somewhat concerned about the fact that Google appears to be EVERYWHERE on the internet now. Half the things I've tried to sign up for recently prompt me to sync up with my gmail account. When I was attempting to set up a Youtube account for my dear mother, I was informed that signing up for gmail was in fact obligatory if she wanted to be able to use the 'Favourite' function. W.T.F.? I mean I know Google own Youtube, but really, that's a bit harsh. Next thing you know, Sky wont let you buy the channel packages without signing up for their internet package aswell.
Actually, now that I think on it, Our internet here in Maynooth is Vodafone, and they demanded that we sign up for a Vodafone landline account before they'd give us internet. U.P.C. never did that. I miss U.P.C. Huge disappointment ensued when we realised we couldn't get it in this estate.
Next, Google will probably buy Sky, and then we'll have to link our t.v. channels to our gmail accounts. Then they'll buy Tesco, and we'll all have to link our groceries to our gmail accounts. Further and further we'll travel down the rabbit hole, closer and closer to some awful Google singularity, and there isn't any messianic John Connors figure to save us all.
Or is there, Julian Assange?

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